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After a fateful drug-related incident during a rehab stint, Matthew Perry’s colon burst and he had a terrifying near-death experience. Per The Mirror, in his memoir, the “Friends” star detailed how Briana Brancato saved his life by personally rushing him to UCLA even while the rehab staff strongly urged her against it. Perry recalled that the car ride was bumpy and painful, and the last thing he remembered before passing out was Brancato telling him that she needed to speed up so they could get to the hospital in time. 

But she wasn’t about to leave Perry alone. The actor described how Brancato, whom he referred to as Erin, helped him during the time: “Erin pulled the night shift for five months in that hospital.” Further, “In the sober living house in Southern California, I had a view of West LA and two queen-size beds,” one of which was for Brancato. Perry explained that when he first met her, she, too, was facing a similar struggle as she quit smoking, and the two formed a deep connection as a result.

The duo agreed to quit smoking together, and while Brancato often desperately craved a cigarette, his dedicated P.A. never gave in because she honored their pact. Perry succinctly described how much Brancato meant to him: “She saved my life at the rehab when my insides exploded, and she saves it every day still. Who knows what I’d do without her; I intend to never find out.”


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