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Lily Brooks O’Briant was diagnosed with endometriosis after years of unidentified pain and seemingly no answer to what was happening with her body. Finally, she was able to find a team of doctors who gave her the treatment that she needed. In an Instagram post from September 2023, O’Briant explained the course of treatment she took and how she got to that point.

“The amazing @drseckin, Dr. Chu and their team removed 21 endometrial adhesions that have caused debilitating pain, nausea, migraines & more over the past three and a half years,” she wrote in the caption. O’Briant continued, “I am so very grateful that @bindisueirwin shared her endometriosis journey on insta in March & then when I met her in May at the Steve Irwin gala, she was so very kind & strongly encouraged me to find answers.”

O’Briant also explained that over the past couple of years, she has been to see various doctors, most of whom did not understand what she was going through and tried to suggest drastic treatment without even understanding the problem. She finished the caption by showing her support and gratitude for others with endometriosis and expressing that they are not alone. Per her Instagram, O’Briant is recovering well and on the road back to health.


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