What Matthew Perry And Chandler Bing Had In Common, According To Friends Director James Burrows – TechVerdant


In his interview with Today, “Friends” director James Burrows recalled being impressed by Matthew Perry’s line delivery. “He was inventive with how he did a line,” Burrows explained. Could he have been more right? Chandler’s jokes and the way Perry delivered them have become nothing short of iconic, solidifying Perry as the ideal choice for the role.

Other than his on-camera presence, Burrows praised Perry’s awareness of the set at any given moment. “He was always aware that even though he wasn’t speaking, he was always on camera,” the director explained, adding, “His facial expressions were amazing. [We] could always cut to his face.”

As Perry was initially unavailable to play Chandler, the producers opted for Craig Bierko, known for his roles in “unREAL” and “Sex/Life,” Marta Kauffman told Vanity Fair in 2012. “We found out later that Matthew had coached [Bierko],” she quipped. Fortunately, Perry was ultimately on board, and Bierko was no longer in consideration for the role. With Perry’s witty humor and a touch of awkwardness, he went on to effortlessly embody a character that felt like a natural extension of himself.


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