What Happened To Milli Vanilli After Their Lip-Syncing Controversy? – TechVerdant


Despite manager Frank Farian pushing Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus to continue lip-syncing, the men, who were known for their good looks and dance moves, were ready to showcase their voices. However, Farian refused, which led to the group contemplating confessing themselves.  Knowing the potential impact, Farian chose to get in front of the scandal and tell the public that Milli Vanilli wasn’t singers. At a press conference following Farian’s admission, the pair pleaded their case, even singing and rapping using their vocals for reporters.  Sadly, this did not sway the Recording Academy, who decided to revoke the duo’s Grammy.

With their biggest accolade being taken back, fans turned on Milli Vanilli. Several lawsuits were filed against the pair and Arista Records, the American label that signed them. Supporters accused Morvan and Pilatus of several crimes, including racketeering and fraud. In August 1991, Arista agreed to a $25 million refund settlement to consumers. After such massive backlash, Morvan and Pilatus fell out of the spotlight, with the controversy proving too much to bear for Pilatus.


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