What Attracted General Hospital’s Donna Mills To Long-Term Beau Larry Gilman? – TechVerdant


Even though Donna Mills and Larry Gilman met each other later in life, they were immediately attracted to each other. In an interview on Oprah’s “Where Are They Now?” segment, Mills opened up about what she looks for in a relationship and what made Larry Gilman the perfect man for her.

“Rich guys never appealed to me, which most women say, ‘What, are you crazy?’ No, because they would have the power,” she told the interviewer. “And I wanted the power. You know, I mean, I’ll be very honest about that. I finally found a man [Gilman] who allows me to have power, and my space, and it doesn’t take away from his power.”

When Mills spoke to The Daily Beast about her career and personal life, she opened up even more about why she loves Gilman, saying “I love him. He’s an incredibly kind, funny, wonderful man.” She explained that while their relationship is important to her, both Mills and Gilman are too independent to tie themselves together in marriage. She’s content to live her life with him by her side, whether or not they are legally married.


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