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There is a lot of “The Bold and the Beautiful” speculation that Forrester Creations CEO Eric Forrester might soon die. The fashion designer’s fate certainly doesn’t look promising after a tweet from producer Casey Kasprzyk suggested that the cast was getting ready to film a funeral scene. With that in mind, it certainly makes sense that Thorne and Ashley would come back to town to mourn their beloved father. That, or seeing how Ashley is a doctor, there’s a very good chance that she might try and save her father before it’s too late. Either way, “The Bold and the Beautiful” fans are over the moon about seeing both Ashley Jones and Winsor Hamon in action again.

Many “The Bold and the Beautiful” fans had a lot to say about Thorne and Ashley’s return to this fictional Los Angeles world. Some took to X, formerly known as Twitter with statements like, “Glad these two are coming back for a while. That’s where these two should’ve been all along with their father.” Another fan wrote: “Thank goodness. I still think about the scene when a dying Stephanie dropped by to see Thorne at work and he had to hide his emotions/regroup to spend some time with her. Winsor was very good in that scene.”


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