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Segal: Managing Partner, NKSFB
Bolno: Name Partner, NKSFB
Karlin: Founding Partner, NKSFB
Kingsley, Segal, Tyler, Vaughn: Partners, NKSFB
Gudvi: Founding Partner, NKSFBGO, a division of NKSFB
Malcolm: Founding Partner, CRM Management, a division of NKSFB
Weise: Founding Partner, David Weise & Assoc., a division of NKSFB
Neuman: Founding Partner, Neuman + Assoc., a division of NKSFB
Conlon: Partner, Neuman + Assoc., a division of NKSFB


The influence of NKSFB’s large staff and roster of clients is felt across the entire entertainment and music ecosystem. Mickey Segal leads what is Hollywood’s largest business management firm, employing 670 persons including 52 partners. Bolno handles music talent including helping clients with acquisitions. Karlin works for music clients including advising on music catalog sales. Vaughn handles actors, authors, composers, directors, execs, musicians, producers and screenwriters. Tyler reps music talent. Matt Segal, who is the son of Mickey, handles a diverse clientele including their charitable initiatives. Gudvi reps music talent and high-net-worth persons. Kingsley handles Hollywood, sports, music and entrepreneurs, lately busy with real estate syndication investments. Malcolm reps indie film-TV talent, international talent and production companies. Weise handles music clients who resumed touring and also advises on music catalog sales. Neuman advises clients on their Hollywood housekeeping deals, concert touring and Broadway work. Conlon handles talent in film, TV, music and social media, including their entrepreneurial side ventures. All are in the Los Angeles area, except New York-based Malcolm. The firm is a unit of Focus Financial Partners and NKSFB filed a legal action in June for a court to interpret the enforceable terms of the current noncompete. Reports indicate clients include Drake, Adam Levine, Bruno Mars and Katie Perry. In the past 16 Super Bowls, the firm’s music clients performed for 14 half-time shows. 

Navigating stormy waters: Amid financial and global instability, Mickey Segal notes that clients pay closer attention to “their investment portfolios and related performance. This occurrence has happened as stock market performance has been volatile and interest rates have increased multiple times.” 


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