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Conor McGregor’s previously undisclosed earnings from his UFC fights have been revealed as part of an ongoing anti-trust lawsuit. The revelation comes in the midst of a legal battle where hundreds of MMA fighters are seeking unpaid wages and accusing the UFC of anti-competitive practices spanning from 2010 to 2017.

The ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals recently delivered a significant blow to the UFC’s efforts to avoid class-action status for the lawsuit. This decision has set the stage for a trial scheduled for the upcoming year.

The lawsuit, initiated by numerous former fighters, alleges that the UFC engaged in practices that hindered competition, including market monopolization and the suppression of fighter pay.

With the matter now within the court’s jurisdiction, all relevant documents have become publicly accessible. In a bid to defend their position, the UFC has chosen to disclose the earnings of their fighters.

According to information extracted from these disclosed documents, Conor McGregor’s earnings stand out prominently.

The Irish fighter earned an estimated total of approximately $25 million from his fights against formidable opponents such as Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz, and Eddie Alvarez during the specific period of 2015 to 2016.

For his UFC 189 bout against Chad Mendes, McGregor received a purse of $3,285,000. He then faced Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in 2015 for the undisputed featherweight title, earning $4,476,662, or an approximate figure of $4,536,932, while his Brazilian counterpart received $2,377,699.

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Following his victory and crowning as the UFC’s 145-pound champion, ‘The Notorious’ had two highly successful fights against Nate Diaz in the welterweight division. For their first encounter, McGregor received $5,576,315, and for their rematch, he earned $5,615,490.

Conor McGregor’s UFC Earnings Breakdown

McGregor’s Fight Earnings
UFC 189 (Mendes) $3,285,000
UFC 194 (Aldo) $4,476,662 (approx. $4,536,932)
UFC 196 (Diaz 1) $5,576,315
UFC 202 (Diaz 2) $5,615,490
UFC 205 (Alvarez) $6,812,374

The last disclosed payout came from the UFC 205 fight, where Conor McGregor defeated Eddie Alvarez to become the first simultaneous two-division champion. For this remarkable achievement, the Irishman received a purse of $6,812,374.

In total, the disclosed earnings from these five fights amount to an impressive $25,765,841, with an average of approximately $5,153,168.20 per fight. These figures shed new light on the financial aspects of one of the UFC’s most prominent and successful fighters, Conor McGregor, as the legal battle over fighter pay continues.


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