Times Tom Bergeron Threw Shade At DWTS After Being Fired – TechVerdant


In September 2020, X, formerly known as Twitter, had a field day when they noticed Tom Bergeron’s new bio on the social media platform. It was a cheeky play on words that read, “Former Co-Host of ‘Footwork With the Famous’” (via HuffPost). Fans expressed their joy at seeing the bio, with one fan writing, “Love salty Tom Bergeron.” 

Bergeron’s shady X bio is not the only time he’s made subtle (or not-so-subtle) digs at “Dancing With the Stars.” In 2022, Executive Producer Andrew Llinares left the reality show. Deadline reported that he worked Seasons 26 through 30 before exiting.

In Bergeron’s tweet criticizing the show for casting a political figure, he did not name the executive producer who ignored what they discussed. However, a fan tweeted at Bergeron asking what he thought when it was announced that Llinares was leaving the show. Bergeron said, “Karma’s a b***h,” with a winking emoji (via People). It seems that the news of Llinares’ firing was not surprising for Bergeron and that he couldn’t resist getting the last word.


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