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Jack Geller was easily one of the best father figures on “Friends” — and Elliott Gould, his real-life alter ego, has been no different to his own kids. The veteran actor has three children, the first of whom he welcomed with Hollywood legend Barbra Streisand when the two were married during the 1960s. Jason Gould was endowed with the best of his parents’ genes, going on to garner renown as both an actor and a musician. 

He got an earlier start than most by appearing alongside his mother in the 1972 film “Up the Sandbox.” But, like many celebrity kids who get acquainted with the hassles of fame young, Jason developed an aversion to the limelight. He told SFGate, “When I was a kid I couldn’t go anywhere without photographers in our face … I don’t like cameras snapping in my face.” Elliott’s other two children, Samuel Gould and Molly Gould, whom he shares with his ex-wife Jennifer Bogart, have also largely stayed out of the public eye. 

Elliott’s youthful spirit has stayed with him far past his youth much like Jack’s did, and he has learned many life lessons from his children, with whom he shares a close relationship. In a 1978 interview with The Washington Post, he shared, “[Molly] said to me when she was five, ‘It doesn’t matter how long you live as long as you know you’re living, right, Dad?’” 


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