The Very Specific Reason Twitter Is Comparing Mike Johnson’s Wife Kelly To Michelle Duggar – TechVerdant


Michelle Duggar is famous for her soothing and, according to some, deceptively childlike voice. Even her niece, Amy King (née Duggar), has stated her aunt’s voice is an act (via InTouch Weekly). In multiple clips that feature the Duggar matriarch, listeners can’t deny she has a very high-pitched voice and her tone has a childlike quality to it. 

The comparison between Michelle and Kelly Johnson came about after a video of Kelly went viral. In the short clip, Kelly and her husband, Mike Johnson, are being interviewed by former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. The couple was there to explain controversial remarks regarding Kelly’s profession as a Christian counselor. There’s no doubt Kelly’s voice remains upbeat, cheerful and, yes, childlike throughout the interview. Social media users were shocked by how similar she and Michelle Duggar sound and were quick to share their opinions.

“Michelle Duggar uses a similar baby girl voice. It’s a virtue signaler in the ultra-conservative Christian community,” one user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, before going on to liken their voices to that of the villain in “M3GAN.” The horror movie is centered around an AI-controlled doll with an uncanny voice, who is meant to serve and look out for her new family. Another X user pointed out that it was more than just Kelly’s meek voice that had people thinking of Michelle. “[I]t’s the way she gazes adoringly at her husband whenever he speaks, like she’s enthralled,” they stated. “Michelle Duggar also does this, it makes my skin crawl.”


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