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In 2016, Andi Dormfan released her first book, “It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never After,” an explosive tell-all about her relationships and experience with Bachelor Nation. It’s easy to see why the book became a New York Times best seller; let’s just say Dorfman doesn’t mince her words.

For starters, she wrote about her night with Nick Viall in the fantasy suite, calling it a “cringe-worthy” evening. “As he opened his mouth to speak, I was certain he was going to tell me he loved me,” she recounted. “But instead, he asked, ‘Would you rather?’…’Ummm…would I rather what?’ ‘Would you rather make love…or f**k?’ he asked, without hesitation or the slightest sense of how bizarre this conversation was.”

As previously noted, she also wrote about how toxic things got with Josh Murray once “The Bachelorette” cameras were no longer rolling. “If I talked to another man, I was a ‘wh**e.’ If I disagreed, I was ‘argumentative.’ If I defied him, I was a ‘b**ch,’” she shared. Dorfman also said the pair often got into fights over her social media presence: “If I didn’t post a ‘Man Crush Monday’ of him, he’d get upset. If I posted a ‘Throwback Thursday’ of my friends instead of us, he’d find it suspect.”


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