The Role Ivanka Trump Played In Brother Eric’s Proposal To His Wife Lara – TechVerdant


With just two weeks to go to her wedding, Lara Trump broke both wrists during a horse riding accident. She shared a black and white photo on Instagram showing casts on both her hands, with the caption: “Wedding countdown: 2 weeks and 2 casts to go! 👰💘 #HopeImAFastHealer.” Despite this setback, she didn’t change her wedding date or lose her passion for horse riding. Eric and Lara Trump’s lavish wedding took place as planned in November 2014, with their beloved Charlie as the ring bearer. Lara, who was still healing, had to wear casts during the wedding.

Luckily, her wedding planner had the creative idea to use fingerless bedazzled gloves to conceal the casts. Interestingly, in Eric and Lara Trump’s People wedding album, some photographs show Lara in her wedding dress without the casts. It’s uncertain whether she temporarily removed them for these photos or if a separate photoshoot was organized after her wrists healed. Ironically, two years later, Lara had another horseriding accident, breaking her collarbone in the process.


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