The Lily Allen & David Harbour Split Rumors, Explained – TechVerdant


Blind items are all speculation, and Lily Allen and David Harbour have yet to say anything about their divorce rumors. However, they may be fabricated, especially since Allen was seen wearing her wedding ring after she allegedly unfollowed Harbour. More proof that the split rumors may be just that — unfortunate and untrue gossip — is supported by the fact that Allen and Harbour were recently spotted at a basketball game on November 2. According to The Daily Mail, the couple attended a New York Knicks game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, where they were pictured with Keegan-Michael Key and his wife, Elle Key.

However, Kyle Marisa Roth was not so convinced by the couple’s courtside outing. In another one of her TikToks, Roth shared the photographs of Allen and Harbour at the basketball game from Daily Mail. “These pictures are not convincing!” she proclaimed, chuckling about how awkward the couple seemed together.

Roth also read a blind item that said, “Anyway, yes, they were photographed together. But this foreign-born singer and her actor husband look like they were doing it out of necessity rather than fun.”


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