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According to general manager Ross Atkins, Carlos Febles is the new third base coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. Febles is a Dominican baseball coach from El Seibo and is currently 47 years old. He was a former second baseman who played in MLB from 1998 to 2003 for the Kansas City Royals. During his MLB career, he threw and batted right-handed. He was also the third base coach for the Boston Red Sox from 2017 through the end of this season. Febles will replace third base coach Luis Rivera, who has recently retired.

New Blue Jays Third Base Coach Has Been Revealed

Carlos Febles

In addition to a new third base coach, Don Mattingly will also be getting an expanded role as offensive coordinator on top of his role as bench coach. Guillermo Martinez will also return as hitting coach. It has come as a shock to fans that some management roles have not been changed. There has been rampant criticism of the Blue Jays management due to several unwise decisions made based on analytics.

At the end of the day, decisions should not always be based on analytics. Many fans have been disappointed with the questionable decisions that have been made that have cost the Blue Jays games. Why would you bench your star rookie Davis Schneider based on a matchup analytic? It just doesn’t make sense. Now more criticism has stirred with the addition of Febles. Carlos Febles made the most appalling base coaching decision of the 2023 season when he was with the Red Sox. This makes fans wonder why the Blue Jays decided on him as the new third base coach. Febles was there when the Red Sox won the 2018 World Series and was let go following the 2023 season. In all, Febles spent 17 years with the Red Sox organization.

Final Thoughts

The addition of Carlos Febles has without question stirred controversy online. This acquisition definitely came as a surprise, as Febles is now part of a new AL East team. While his role remains the same, can he carry over the past success he had with the Red Sox onto the Blue Jays? The fact that the Red Sox let him go after a disappointing end to the Red Sox season is no surprise. The unfortunate past coaching error has remained in the memory of fans who have questioned why the Blue Jays decided to bring him on. Dave Bush was also let go from the Red Sox in addition to Febles. The search to find their replacements is in the works.


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