Steve Harvey’s Early Days In Comedy Were Full Of Struggles – TechVerdant


Steve Harvey’s penchant for sharing emotional stories that leave family feud fans in tears is a testament to the fact that he remains humble and never forgets his roots. In a 2022 post on X, formerly Twitter, he explained that his life was terrible at age 30. His dedication to pursuing success resulted in homelessness for three years. This was because Harvey was hardly at home, moving around for comedy gigs and never earning enough to get himself a decent place to stay. Instead, he lived in his car and used an Igloo cooler as a makeshift refrigerator.

The New York Bestselling author told People that he often slept in his Ford Tempo in parking lots and showered at rest stop bathrooms. Harvey recalled a particularly humbling incident when he attempted to wash up in a hotel restroom. Caught mid-wash, he had to wait long hours until other guests had left before he could come out. His journey from homelessness to a $15 million mansion in 2020 is the stuff dreams are made of.


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