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Any royal family is bound to be defined by the unique personalities of its members. From what experts can tell so far, the future of the Dutch monarchy is in good hands — thanks to the three sisters who are set to become the Netherlands’ next generation of senior royals. 

Thus far, Princess Ariane’s older sisters have already shown themselves to be fascinating figures. Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, and heir to the throne, is said to be the most focused of the three sisters, taking after her father in her interest in parliamentary affairs. Meanwhile, Princess Alexia, who has invested a great deal of time into learning about her South American roots, is understood to be the most Argentine of the triad. After all, Alexia has demonstrated an interest in traveling to Patagonia for traditional Argentine horsemanship.

Compared to her older siblings, Ariane is known for her ability to think deeply. Speaking to the Argentine paper, La Nación, about the young princess’ character, royal expert, Paula Galloni, stated, “Ariane, [Queen Máxima’s] youngest daughter, they say, is that she is a super intellectual girl, that she loves reading.” Interestingly, though, a key part of Ariane’s more thoughtful personality is a sense of introversion. In contrast to Ariane’s more public-facing sisters, Galloni says the youngest princess is “more of a solitary person.” This has apparently allowed her to bond with her grandmother, Queen Beatrix.


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