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Dr. Gregory Lunceford age adds an interesting layer in the context of his presence in reality television.

Dr. Gregory Lunceford is a familiar face in reality television. He has gained fame and notoriety for appearing on the hit show “Married to Medicine.” 

As show fans may already know, his personal life has been quite the rollercoaster, making him one of the most talked-about stars in reality TV. 

Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s journey from his early years to his career in medicine and his experiences in reality television has been captivating. 

In this article, we’ll delve into various aspects of Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s life, starting with exploring his age and background.

Dr Gregory Lunceford Age: How Old Is The Reality Star?

Born on April 21, 1967, Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s age is currently 56 years old.

While his age and personal life have been subjects of discussion, his professional accomplishments and experiences have solidified his status. (Source: Facebook)

This places him in the Generation X category, a generation marked by a unique set of experiences and influences.

As a member of Generation X, Dr. Lunceford grew up during significant technological advancements, cultural shifts, and social changes. 

These factors have undoubtedly played a role in shaping his perspectives and choices, both in his personal life and his career.

Dr. Lunceford continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of both his personal and professional life.

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His age becomes an integral part of his story, shaping his perspectives and decisions in a world that is constantly changing.

Dr Gregory Lunceford Wikipedia: His Career Details

Dr. Gregory Lunceford does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Dr. Lunceford’s professional journey is an intriguing one. He is the President of Atlanta Internal Medicine and Psychiatric Care, a medical practice in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. 

His medical background and expertise have allowed him to excel in his field and become a respected figure in the healthcare community.

Dr. Lunceford has over two years of experience as the President of Atlanta Internal Medicine and Psychiatric Care.

He has demonstrated his leadership skills and commitment to providing quality healthcare services.

His practice’s location in Atlanta, Georgia, has made him an integral part of the local healthcare landscape, serving the medical and psychiatric needs of the community.

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He gained widespread recognition through his appearances on “Married to Medicine.” 

Meet Dr. Gregory Lunceford New Wife Lateasha Aka Sweet Tea 

Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s new wife, Lateasha, affectionately known as Sweet Tea, has brought a fresh and intriguing dynamic to his life.

Dr Gregory Lunceford Age
This Instagram post appears to be an announcement of Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s engagement to Lateasha, who is also known as Sweet Tea. (Source: Instagram)

After his divorce from Quad Webb, Dr. Gregory Lunceford moved on and began a new chapter in his personal life. He found love and companionship with Lateasha, affectionately known as Sweet Tea.

Their relationship, which began with a message in his DMs, evolved into a significant part of their lives. Lateasha’s introduction into Dr. Lunceford’s life extended to the reality television world as well.

She found herself in a unique position, filling the void left by Quad Webb in Dr. Lunceford’s life and becoming a part of the show as an extension of her fiancé. 

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Lateasha’s presence added an intriguing dynamic to the show, as viewers observed the interactions and dynamics among the cast members. 


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