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Mary Cosby Shares What Wasn't Shown in Scene With Whitney on RHOSLC, Claps Back at Claims She’s "Mean," and Accuses Whitney of Lying, Plus Was She Invited to BravoCon?

We’re bringing you some RHOSLC spoilers, news, and updates as Mary Cosby claps back at accusations she’s “mean,” calls Whitney Rose a liar, and shares what was edited out of their scene together.

Many Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans see Mary, 51, as mean, but she’s got her own take on it. Fans may recall that in September, we wrote that Mary called Whitney, 37, a “liar” and a “racist.” But there have been some developments since then. 

Last season on the show, it seemed that Whitney was Mary’s top fan. They even attended church service together with Whitney’s father.  

But on Tuesday’s episode of the RHOSLC on Bravo, Mary told Whitney to “grow up” and called her a “bobblehead.” Meanish? Perhaps. Justified? We’ll see. 

In a confessional, Mary told the cameras, “You can’t just say anything about people that’s not true and think that it’s okay.” She then went deeper in adding a not-so-veiled threat, “Like, someone’s going to backhand you. Like, seriously, it might be me.” 

Over on Twitter, Mary responded to curious and upset fans. One fan said, “Mary needs to be at BravoCon. If Taylor Armstrong is going to be there who was a friend as well as Kyle’s shadow, then why not Mary? A lot of people would want to see Mary. Do the right thing Bravo. #RHOSLC.”

Mary responded that she hadn’t been invited and that she was “good with that. 

Mary told the fan that Whitney had apologized to her, and she had accepted but Bravo had not aired it. She added, “Whitney & i are good for now.” 

A critic went at Mary again, calling her a “mean, miserable person.” Of course, Mary clapped back, writing, “Im back bc i was ask to come back and i believe in giving people 2nd chances.. Thats why I’m back! If you don’t like it …Nobody is making you watch!” 

To another fan, Mary came straight out and called Whitney a liar, writing that she (Whitney) was lying about a text she sent her calling her “old as F ..” It was three years ago, she said, and it “was the truth.” She said Whitney also added things Mary didn’t say to the text, adding, “Shes a lair and i cant take her.. shes a fake!! Big time..” 

Other fans chimed in in agreement. One wrote, “I’ve come to realize that if Whitney lips are moving she’s lying. I’m glad you see her for the miserable troublemaker that she is. She likes to cause discord within the group just for self gratification. Keep being the loving God fearing woman you are.”  

Live Viewing Thread – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s RHOSLC season four episode. Feel free to chat and comment below as the episode airs tonight on Bravo at 8/7c.


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