Lady Dumps ‘rich Husband’ Two Months Into Marriage After Realising He Doesn’t Have House – TechVerdant


A Nigerian man has revealed that the marriage of a friend crashed just after two months because the wife found out her husband was living a fake life.

The narrator known as Prince said his friend met a young lady who was well-to-do and began to date her, deceiving her into believing he was a big boy.

But she discovered after their wedding that he did not have a house, as he lodged them in a hotel which she was paying for.

Prince said she questioned her husband about them moving to his house and he informed het that he did not have one, so she left him.

He shared a photo of the man and wrote; “The dude in the middle called me up one day and said he has found a wife. But he said something that struck me, “she hold her side oh” we laughed it over and he said guy you know say i no dey dull and i also laughed as usual.

He asked me to be his best man but to be honest i was skeptical so it eventually didn’t work out and I just accepted to be a part of his groomsmen based on church relationship. I also noticed this guy didn’t stop talking about other women but me what’s my own, I played along.

On the day of wedding I noticed a few challenges at the reception and it was all because the guy didn’t do nada! They ran out of drinks quickly. We did the little we could to help the situation. After that I went home. Like 2 months later I get a call from one of the groomsmen..

He said oboy! Marriage don cast oh! Wetin happen guy? Turns out man enticed the babe with fake life and she fell for it. As at the time of their wedding he had no house to go to and so they stayed in the hotel on top her bill until she asked if he doesn’t have a house.

That’s when she found out he doesn’t have a house to go to and he is into yahoo.. That how she left him and returned to her father’s house.”



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