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Kody Brown has ended his marriage with Meri Brown on multiple occasions, yet she has persistently gone back to him, each rejection seemingly surprising her more than the last. According to Meri, the first time her estranged husband shared his feelings about their issues was in the wake of their 32nd wedding anniversary, in 2022. Suffice it to say that Kody didn’t spare her feelings, including claiming to have never really loved her.

In a Season 18 episode of “Sister Wives,” as reported by Entertainment Tonight, Meri detailed calling Kody up for the big day. Then, during a commemorative outing, Kody bluntly expressed his disinterest in continuing a relationship with his first wife, asserting, “Don’t you understand, Meri? This is never going to happen.” Instead of calling it a day, Kody continued brutally, “Your life is not one I want to insert myself into.” 

Meri admitted that Kody even informed her that he never felt any kind of romantic connection to her and then suggested she could visit his and Robyn Brown’s house if she ever wanted to (yikes). After coming to terms with Kody’s feelings, Meri wanted to go public with the split, but he resisted to avoid being labeled the villain. The two officially announced their split on Instagram, in January 2023, but that didn’t stop Meri from clinging to hope for reconciliation.


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