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Tracy Quartermaine is bidding Port Charles farewell to handle Luke Spencer’s affairs, despite the fact that he was killed nearly two years ago. Bobbie Spencer, who hasn’t appeared on-screen since before portrayer Jacklyn Zeman’s real-life death, is traveling to Amsterdam with her, and speculation is running rampant about the direction of the story. The powers that be at “General Hospital” haven’t done anything to honor Zeman’s memory or address her death in any capacity, so this is more than a long time coming. 

Viewers are confused about the budding story on the horizon because of the logistics of Luke’s death taking place so long ago. One viewer took to X, writing, that they thought Quartermaine would have dealt with Luke’s affairs “like 2 years ago when he died.”

“I’m guessing this will be how they finally have Bobbie pass,” the viewer continued. “Tracy will have to come home with the bad news.” Another perplexed fan tweeted, “How come we aren’t acknowledging Bobbie died? They should pay tribute to her.” 

Regardless of the reaction across social media, it looks like a storyline crafted to celebrate Jaclyn Zeman is on its way. “GH” has a tendency to bring tragic news around the holiday season, so Tracy making her return to Port Charles for Thanksgiving or Christmas is an opportune time to announce Bobbie’s death in some way. 


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