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In case you missed it, Kylie Jenner has launched a new fashion brand called Khy.

The grungy 12-piece collection features predominantly faux leather garments, such as a black full-length trench coat, and is inspired by Jenner’s own wardrobe.

With items retailing between $88 AUD and $365, the reality star and beauty mogul described the brand as “producing investment pieces at an affordable price point.”

Meanwhile, the brand’s website says it’s “fashion for everyone” with sizes ranging from XXS to 4X. 

Despite promises of affordability and accessibility, reviews have started rolling in online since its launch last week and they’re not great. 

Some say the “modern luxury” pieces are ‘hideous’ and ‘lacking originality’, while others claim they’re overpriced for “cheap-looking pleather.” 

But some of the strongest criticism comes from customers who say the brand has a serious sizing issue, with even the smallest sizes not fitting the average-height woman. 

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“These are hideous. Who would wear this?”

Leading up to its launch, there was a lot of speculation around the brand and whether or not it was going to be as good as Kim’s Skims, Khloe’s Good American or even Kylie’s other brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

But now that customers are starting to get their hands on the pieces, it seems like it’s not quite living up to the hype (and underperforming in sales too.)

To put it in perspective, most of the items are still available online which is in stark contrast to Kylie’s previous brand launches, such as her lip kits that sold out in minutes in 2015. 

Over on TikTok, users claimed that the clothing’s design was to blame.

One creator, @itsmichellesalazar made a try-on video and said, “It’s giving Matrix vibes” while wearing the trench coat with the collar up, as it’s styled on the website. 

In the comments, one user criticised, “Ooff, that ‘leather’ looks cheap.” Someone else replied, “Faux leather can look luxe, but this definitely doesn’t.”

Then one person pointed out the fact that the material is marketed as ‘vegan leather’, adding, “Whoever rebranded plastic as ‘vegan leather’ is a marketing genius, and is also going to hell.”

“I would be sending that back and getting a refund,” claimed someone else. 

“Where would you wear a Matrix coat to?” asked another woman. Someone responded, “Julia Fox would wear this and maybe other celebrities, but not normal folk.”

Others called the clothes “hideous”, “ugly” and “tacky.”

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“Overpriced garbage bags”

In another comment, one user compared Khy to “Shein/Ally Express quality” while someone else said it resembled Zara collections that “have been done to death.” 

“Y’all save your money. There are so many good quality clothing brands out there, no need to spend $$$ on overpriced celeb fads,” warned a different commenter. 

“This definitely isn’t worth the money,” asserted someone else. 

“Looks like a garbage bag,” stated a different viewer. 

“Khy is clearly for the tall girls”

Another video from TikTok creator @rubylyn_ also provides a pretty damning review, with Ruby claiming that Khy has some serious sizing issues. 

While filming a haul video of the clothes she got gifted from the brand, Ruby quickly realises that her usual sizes don’t fit her. 

She is 5’6 and even if she was wearing heels, the pleather jeans would still look extremely baggy. 

“They’re really heavy,” she says while wearing them. “Also they’re really long. These are dragging on the floor. I can’t imagine what these would look like on anyone shorter than me.”

She’s also swamped by the trench coat, despite her getting an XS. 

While the trench is meant to be oversized, commenters pointed out that it just looks like a poor fit and it wouldn’t be practical at all. 

“5’6 is the average height,” one user commented. “Clearly Kylie’s team didn’t get the sizing right.”

“Why can’t they just create standard sizing that fits as it should?” concluded a different user. 

“Kylie is wearing her Khy pieces tailored to her body”

A video from fashion commentator @ladymollyelizabeth then went viral, suggesting that Kylie has misled shoppers with her perfectly styled photos wearing the clothes. 

“Without a doubt, Kylie Jenner is wearing her Khy pieces tailored to her body,” she says.

“If she has good tailors around her then good for her. But when I hear ‘fashion for everyone’ – I at least expect her clothes to fit the average height. I’m pretty sure Kylie herself is 5’6.”

She went on to talk about the sizing issue with the jeans, saying, “On the website, it recommends taking your normal size. Nowhere on the website does it mention these trousers are meant to be oversized or have a long fit. It even says, ‘This item is intended to be fitted’.”


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