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Throughout “Santa Summit,” Hunter King’s Jordin invariably loses her wallet and retraces her steps, where she bumps into Liam (Benjamin Hollingsworth). The two get talking, and he surprises her by opening up about his life, explaining, “Vulnerability doesn’t mean sacrificing durability.” The two find they have a lot in common and decide to check out the bar where her friends are headed. Unfortunately, in the chaos of everyone dressed up as Santa, the two get separated and don’t know each other’s names or faces because of their costume beards. From there, it becomes a comedy of errors as not only do the two try to track each other down in a sea of St. Nicks, but Ava’s trying to locate Ben and a nice, albeit mysterious, man named Freddie (Rodrigo Beilfuss) has taken a liking to Stella, seemingly showing up wherever she is.

On “The Young and the Restless,” King’s Summer Newman tenaciously sought emancipation from her parents so she could continue acting up. That tenacity is probably the only thing these two characters have in common. Here, Jordin is persistent in her pursuit of this mystery man who charmed her socks off. However, she does get to a point where she’s ready to give up, feeling that life is dreadful until a recurring character who drives a bicycle taxi gives her sound advice: “You don’t become happy because you find love. You find love because you’re already happy.”


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