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Kayo Sports offers a diverse range of over 50 live and on-demand sports games, allowing you to watch games whenever you want. 

The “No Spoilers” feature lets you watch the game without knowing the outcome beforehand. Kayo Sports has partnered with top sports broadcasters in Australia, such as FOX and ESPN, to offer a broad selection of domestic and international games. 

If you’re wondering how to Watch Live Sports on Kayo Sports in 2023, then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out how:

Watch Kayo Sports Live Stream From Anywhere

You can watch live sports on Kayo by simply following the steps given below, and you can enjoy your favorite sports events no matter where you are.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN or PIAVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Log in to your Kayo Sports account.
  5. Enjoy hassle-free sports streaming on Kayo!

Which Sports Channels are on Kayo Sports

Kayo has established partnerships with prominent sports broadcasters in Australia to deliver a wide range of local and global sports content. This includes collaboration with Fox Sports and ESPN.

When you select any of the available Live Channels, you will have access to a diverse array of sports-related content. This includes the most up-to-date sports news, panel discussions, live broadcasts of domestic and international sporting events, classic matchups, and sports documentaries.

All that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy the content offered by these Channels:

  • FOX SPORTS NEWS: Provides timely, accurate news, results, opinions, comments, and analysis covering all FOX SPORTS channels, as well as the broader sports landscape.
  • FOX 501: Your dedicated FOX CRICKET channel featuring every Domain Test Series, Gillette ODI, T20 Series, and every KFC BBL match, all broadcast live without ad breaks during play.
  • FOX 502: A channel focused entirely on rugby league, offering live coverage of every round of the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership with no ad breaks during play.
  • FOX SPORTS 503: Recognized as Australia’s sports leader, it is the home of the best in local and international sports.
  • FOX 504: Covers every round of the 2020 Toyota AFL Premiership Season live for your team, with no ad breaks during play.
  • FOX SPORTS 505: Also a hub for Australia’s sports leadership, offering a diverse range of local and international sports content.
  • FOX SPORTS 506: Another channel from Australia’s sports leader, delivering a comprehensive selection of local and international sports.
  • FOX SPORTS MORE+: This channel is part of Australia’s sports leadership, showcasing the best in local and international sports.
  • ESPN: Your destination for US sports, including live coverage of NBA, NFL, MLB, US Open tennis, and the UFC.
  • ESPN2: Features more US and international sports, including NHL, X Games, WSOP, ATP World Tour, College Basketball and football, and more.
  • Offers live streaming of thoroughbred race-day coverage from Victoria and South Australia, along with news and entertainment related to horse racing.

What Sports is on Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is unquestionably Australia’s premier sports-focused streaming service, delivering top-tier sports content from both domestic and international sources. Kayo Sports consolidates all the excitement into a single platform, boasting an extensive selection of over 50 sports that you can enjoy in real-time or on demand.

What’s more, Kayo enhances your viewing experience with a diverse set of features, including Key Moments and No Spoilers. With the Multiscreen feature, you can even watch up to four sporting events concurrently, allowing you to catch rugby league, rugby union, cricket, and motorsport action all at once!

Here is the list of numerous sports you can stream while using your Kayo Sports subscription within the Australian territory:

  • American Football
  • AFL
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Extreme Sport
  • Hockey
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Formula One
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Squash
  • Surfing
  • Supercars
  • Super League Triathlon
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Watersports
  • Weightlifting

Golf Live Stream on Kayo Sports

You can watch golf on Kayo Sports. The streaming service offers a range of golf tournaments and events worldwide across various devices, including Smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and OTT devices.

You can tune in to check out some of the biggest names in golf, including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, and more. Kayo Sports has major tournaments, including The Masters, US Open, The Open Championship, Ryder Cups, President Cups, LPGA Tour, and PGA Tour events. So whether you’re a fan of the pros or just someone who loves to watch golf on TV, Kayo Sports can provide you with hours of entertainment.

Football Live Stream on Kayo Sports

You can access live streams of various soccer matches, revisit classic games from past seasons, check team standings and player statistics, and stay updated with the latest sports news and developments.

With Kayo Sports, you can maintain your connection to your beloved football clubs from anywhere. Whether you’re a fan of Major League Soccer, La Liga Santander, or any other global leagues, Kayo Sports conveniently brings them all under one roof.

Kayo Sports provides an unmatched soccer streaming experience by showcasing a wide range of premier leagues from around the world. You can catch matches from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and more.

The UEFA Champions League hosts Europe’s top clubs vying for the ultimate honor, while the UEFA Europa League offers exciting matches from Europe’s second-tier teams. Adding to the football coverage is the Australian Rules Football (AFL), where viewers can relish the AFL Premiership and the AFL Grand Final. Kayo Sports is your direct gateway to this comprehensive world of football action.

NBA Live Stream on Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports broadcasts various basketball matches, including live and on-demand games from various leagues and tournaments. Some of the basketball games you may be able to find on Kayo Sports include:

  • NBA: Kayo Sports offers live and on-demand coverage of the National Basketball Association (NBA), including regular season games, playoffs, and the NBA Finals.
  • NCAA: Kayo Sports also offers live and on-demand college basketball coverage, including games from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  • International: Besides domestic basketball leagues, Kayo Sports may offer live and on-demand coverage of international tournaments and games, such as the FIBA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

To find out which basketball games are currently available on Kayo Sports, you can browse the available content in the app or use the search function to find specific games or teams.

Rugby Live Stream on Kayo

Kayo Sports offers an extensive selection of rugby matches, encompassing some of the most competitive leagues globally.

Among the prominent tournaments accessible on the platform is the Six Nations Championship. This annual rugby union competition unites the national teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. These six nations participate each year, showcasing the excellence of Northern Hemisphere rugby.

In the Southern Hemisphere, viewers can relish the Rugby Championship, another annual rugby union contest. It features the formidable national teams of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina squaring off against one another.

Additionally, Kayo Sports provides coverage of the European Rugby Champions Cup, along with the European Rugby Challenge Cup, the second-tier club rugby union competition in Europe. This tournament features the second-best teams from the continent competing against each other, delivering a wealth of rugby matches for enthusiasts to savor.

Full List of Sports Events Available to Watch on Kayo

AFL Premiership Season AFL Grand Final AFL Women’s
AFL Pre-season scratch AAMI Community Series AFL Sydney
AFL Draft NFL Draft NCAA College Football
FIBA Men’s World Cup FIBA Women’s World Cup NBA
NBA Summer League NBL NCAA College Basketball
BBL WBBL Test Series in Australia
Commbank Series – Women’s USPGA Tour/FedEx Cup ODI
Overseas Cricket With Australia Overseas Cricket Without Australia T20 Internationals in Australia
Test Matches in Australia Women’s ODI Women’s T20
Indian Premier League Pakistani Super League Cyclo-Cross: Women’s Elite
Cyclo-Cross: Men’s Elite National Road Championships: Men’s National Road Championships: Women’s
Aus Road Nationals Premier League Darts World Darts Championship
World Matchplay World Cup of Darts The Masters
World Grand Prix Darts The Masters US Open
The Open USPGA Championship USPGA Tour/Fedex Cup
USLPGA European PGA Tour Ladies European Tour (ELPGA)
Asian Tour Golf PGA Tour Champions British Senior Open
Ryder Cup Solheim Cup Australian domestic golf tour
FIH Pro League Hockey One
Kentucky Derby NHL Australian Ice Hockey League
Lacrosse Australian Open Bowls Premier League
UFC UFC Fight Night FIM Speedway
MotoGP World Superbike Championship Formula 1 World Championship
Supercars Championship NASCAR Pro Bull Riding
NRL Pre-Season Trials Challenge Cup Hostplus Cup (Qld Cup)
Canterbury Cup NRL All-Stars NRL Grand Final
NRL Premiership State of Origin Super League
Women’s NRL Premiership Women’s State of Origin Sail GP
America’s Cup World Series Snooker AUX Softball
Australian Open of Surfing World Surf League Super League Triathlon
WWE Smackdown WWE NXT WWE Raw

Kayo Sports Subscription Plans

To maximize your streaming experience, we provide a range of flexible Kayo subscription choices, including Kayo One, Kayo Basic, and Kayo Premium. These subscriptions all grant access to the same exceptional content and features, differing only in the number of simultaneous devices allowed for streaming.

Package Devices Price
Kayo One SD or HD, stream on 1 device AUD 25
Kayo Basic SD or HD, stream on 2 devices AUD 30
Kayo Premium SD or HD, stream on 3 devices AUD 35

How to Sign up for Kayo Sports

Signing up for Kayo Sports Subscription Plans is a straightforward process. Follow the steps outlined below to get started with Kayo.

  1. Go to and select your preferred subscription plan (One, Basic, or Premium).
  2. Provide your personal information. Note: You’ll receive a verification code from Streamotion on the mobile number you provided.
  3. Enter this code to proceed.
  4. Enter your payment information.
  5. Your account will be activated instantly.
  6. You can now begin setting up your profile or jump right into streaming!

Can I Watch Kayo Sports for Free?

Unfortunately, Kayo is a subscription-based platform, so free access is not available. However, you do have the option to enjoy select sports content through Kayo Freebies. Kayo Freebies offers a collection of sports content on the Kayo platform at no cost. Its purpose is to introduce more people to the experience of streaming sports on Kayo and help emerging sports attract new audiences.

With Kayo Freebies, you can stream content on any compatible Kayo device. What’s remarkable is that Freebies offers the same features as a full Kayo subscription, which include:

  1. SplitView: You can simultaneously watch up to four games or shows on a single screen.
  2. Key Moments: Easily navigate through the timeline to access the game or show highlights.
  3. No Spoilers: Remove scores and reveal to enjoy the action without spoilers.
  4. Interactive Stats: Personalize your sports viewing with live facts and figures.
  5. Kayo Minis: Access condensed replays of selected content, providing all the action in under half an hour.

In summary, Kayo Freebies provides access to a variety of sports content with numerous exciting features, and it’s completely free, offering an excellent way to explore the world of sports streaming on Kayo.

Kayo Sports Compatible Devices

Here are the devices you can connect to! Try the service on multiple screens and enjoy your favorite sports.

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV

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Kayo Sports Live Schedule

Event Date Time
China Day 2 November 5 10:00 AM
South East Melbourne vs. Cairns Taipans November 5 8:00 AM
Sydney Kings vs. New Zealand Breakers November 5 10:00 AM
Victoria vs. Tasmania Day 1 November 5 4:20 AM
Sydney Sixers vs. Melbourne Renegades November 5 7:37 AM
Perth Scorchers vs. Adelaide Strikers November 5 11:22 AM
China Open Final Round November 5 9:00 AM
Queensland PGA Final Round November 5 6:30 AM
WWT Championship Round 3 November 5 1:30 AM
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins November 5 7:30 PM
Baltimore Ravens vs. Seattle Seahawks November 5 11:00 PM
Houston Texans vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers November 5 11:00 PM
Arizona Coyotes vs. Winnipeg Jets November 5 1:00 AM
Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka November 6 1:28 PM
Gold Glove Awards November 6 5:30 AM
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies November 6 7:00 AM
South Carolina vs. Notre Dame November 6 11:00 PM
Motor – NASCAR Cup Series November 6 12:00 AM
Sydney Thunder vs. Brisbane Heat November 6 12:00 PM
WWT Championship Final Round November 6 1:00 AM
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys November 6 2:25 AM
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills November 6 6:15 AM
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Atlanta Hawks November 7 6:00 AM
Australia vs. Afghanistan November 7 12:30 PM
New York Jets vs. Los Angeles Chargers November 7 6:00 AM
Baylor vs. Auburn November 8 7:00 AM
England vs. Netherlands November 8 1:00 PM
New York Rangers vs. Detroit Red Wings November 8 5:30 AM
University of Canberra Capitals vs. Southside Flyers November 8 1:00 PM
New York Rangers vs. Detroit Red Wings November 8 5:30 AM
Colorado Avalanche vs. New Jersey Devils November 8 8:00 AM
Nedbank Golf Challenge Round 1 November 9 1:30 PM
New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka November 9 1:00 PM
Annika Round 1 November 9 8:00 PM
Bermuda Championship Round 1 November 9 11:00 PM
Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings November 9 8:00 AM
Indiana Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks November 10 5:00 AM
South Africa vs. Afghanistan November 10 1:00 PM
Annika Round 2 November 10 8:00 PM
Bermuda Championship Round 2 November 10 11:00 PM
Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers November 10 6:15 AM
Cricket – Marsh One Day Cup November 11 3:55 AM
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets November 11 5:30 AM
Gippsland Super 6 Round 3 November 11 10:00 AM
Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers November 11 8:05 AM
Kentucky vs. Alabama November 11 10:00 PM
Clemson vs. Georgia Tech November 11 10:00 PM
Bermuda Championship Round 3 November 11 9:00 PM
Florida Panthers vs. Carolina Hurricanes November 11 5:00 AM
Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks November 11 8:00 AM
India vs. Netherlands November 12 1:00 PM
India vs. Netherlands Hindi Feed November 12 1:28 PM
Nedbank Golf Challenge Final Round November 12 12:30 PM
South East Melbourne vs. Melbourne United November 12 8:00 AM
Sydney Kings vs. Brisbane Bullets November 12 10:00 AM
Annika Round 3 November 12 12:00 AM
Annika Final Round November 12 11:00 PM
Bermuda Championship Final Round November 12 9:00 PM
Florida State vs. Miami November 12 1:30 AM
UCF vs. Oklahoma State November 12 1:30 AM
BYU vs. Iowa State November 12 8:00 AM
New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts November 12 7:30 PM
Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns November 12 11:00 PM
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers November 12 11:00 PM
Hobart Hurricanes vs. Sydney Sixers November 13 12:00 PM
Phoenix Suns vs. Oklahoma City Thunder November 13 6:00 AM
Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants November 13 2:25 AM
Las Vegas Raiders vs. New York Jets November 13 6:15 AM

Kayo Main Event PPV

Kayo’s Main Event showcases the finest in both domestic and international boxing, as well as UFC and WWE content. Kayo Main Event PPV provides access to special live matches that are not included in the regular Kayo subscription.

The cost of Pay-Per-View (PPV) events is a fixed, one-time fee. Previously, Australian boxing PPVs were priced at $59.95, while UFC events were offered at $54.95. It’s important to mention that there are no extra administrative fees. Additionally, it’s worth noting that you will be charged as soon as you sign up for the event, not at the commencement of the event itself.

To order the event, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Event: If you already have a Kayo (or had one in the past), start by visiting the event you wish to purchase on the Kayo Sports website.
  • Order Now: Click the “Order Now” button.
  • Enter Personal Details: Provide your personal details.
  • Recognized Account: Your existing account will be recognized, and you’ll be guided to sign in to complete your purchase.
  • Sign In: Login by entering either the email and password associated with your Kayo or the mobile number you used during the sign-up.
  • Enter Payment Details: Follow the prompts to input your credit card details and select “Start Subscription Now.”
  • Confirmation Email: Your purchase is now complete! You will receive a confirmation email containing all the purchase details.
    • Note: Streaming will be available only on the event date. Make sure to check your confirmation email to confirm your purchase was successful.
  • Start Streaming: Now, you’re all set to watch the event! On the device you plan to use for streaming, log in with your existing credentials, select the event, and start streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kayo Sports Available for Free?

Yes, Kayo Sports offers a Kayo Freebies feature, providing a range of complimentary content, including limited live matches, documentaries, and short clips.

Can I Cast Kayo Sports on Chromecast?

Absolutely, it’s effortless to connect and enjoy Kayo Sports through Chromecast.

How do I Cancel my Kayo Subscription?

If you’ve decided to end your Kayo subscription, visit the Kayo website and ensure you’re logged in. Click on the menu icon in the top right corner, then select “My Account.” Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click “Cancel Subscription,” and then follow the provided instructions.

What is the cost of Kayo Main Event PPV events?

The cost varies, but it’s typically a fixed, one-time fee. Currently, Kayo Main Events costs $59.95.

Can I watch Kayo on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, the number of devices depends on your subscription plan. Kayo One allows streaming on one device, Kayo Basic on two, and Kayo Premium on three.

Bottom Line

Kayo Sports continues to be a top-notch streaming platform for sports enthusiasts in Australia, offering a wide range of sports content from around the world. With partnerships with prominent broadcasters like FOX and ESPN, Kayo ensures you never miss a moment of your favorite sports action.

To access Kayo Sports, you can subscribe to one of their flexible plans, including Kayo One, Kayo Basic, or Kayo Premium, depending on your streaming needs. Unfortunately, Kayo is a subscription-based platform, but they do offer Kayo Freebies, allowing you to sample select sports content for free.

With Kayo Sports, you can watch live and on-demand content on a variety of devices, ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite sporting events. And for those special live matches not included in the regular subscription, Kayo Main Event PPV is there to provide access.


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