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9Now is a popular streaming platform that offers an exciting selection of live sports. It provides sports fans with access to live coverage of matches, exclusive shows, interviews, and highlights from different sports.

No matter what sport you enjoy watching — football, rugby, cricket, or any other, 9Now provides a full-blown experience that enables fans to keep up with their favorite players and teams. Interested in knowing how to watch sports on 9Now? Keep reading to find out how you can do that!

Watch 9Now Live Stream From Anywhere

You can watch live sports on 9Now by simply following the steps given below, and you can enjoy your favorite sports events no matter where you are.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN or PIAVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Log in to your 9Now account.
  5. Enjoy hassle-free sports streaming on 9Now!

Which Sports are on 9Now

9Now stands as Australia’s leading sports-focused streaming service, offering a selection of sports content from both local and global origins. Within the 9Now platform, you’ll find a comprehensive array of over 50 sports, available for real-time viewing or on-demand access. Here is a list of sports that you can enjoy on 9Now:

  • Tennis
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Rugby (NRL, Rugby World Cup)
  • Esports
  • Surfing
  • Basketball
  • Para Athletics
  • Netball

AFL Live Stream on 9Now

9Now offers live coverage and highlights of Australian football action with the AFL! The Australian Football League is the top-tier competition for Australian football. You can watch all the AFL matches on 9NOW and cheer for your favorite team as they battle it out on the field.

NRL Live Stream on 9Now

Rugby fans can watch the NRL live stream on 9NOW. It broadcasts different NRL games on 9NOW, and fans can experience the excitement firsthand. You can also watch NRL on any preferred device by using the 9NOW app, which is available on the Play Store and Apple Store.

Tennis Live Stream on 9Now

You can watch all Grand Slams and all the Australian tournaments on 9Now From the Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon and the Australian Open to the exciting ATP and WTA Tour events, you can watch all your favorite tennis matches on 9NOW.

Cricket Live Stream on 9Now

If you’re a cricket fan, 9NOW is your go-to platform. Fans can enjoy watching international cricket matches, including the Ashes series and the thrilling Big Bash League. 9Now broadcasts all the matches from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. 9NOW brings you all the excitement, drama, and sixes in the cricket world right to your screen.

Complete List of Sports Events Available on 9Now

100% Footy Adelaide International Tennis AFL Sunday Footy Show
All the Way: Panthers’ Title Defence ATP Cup Tennis Australian Open Golf
Australian Open Tennis Australian PGA Golf Australian Short Course Championships Swimming
Australian Swimming Championships Australian Swimming World Championship Trials Billie Jean King Cup
Bledisloe Cup BMD Premiership Boomers vs World
Cross Court Davis Cup Eddie and Jimmy Podcast
FINA World Championships FINA World Short Course Championships Footy Classified
Freddy and the Eighth Grand Slam Daily: French Open Tennis Grand Slam Daily: US Open Edition
Guess Whom? with Andy Lee Hostplus Cup ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup
Immortal Behaviour Legends of Fukuoka Mad Rise: The Story of Australian Basketball
Nine’s Summer of Tennis NRL All Stars: Anniversary Tour NRL Indigenous All-Stars v Maori All-Stars
NRL Premiership NRL Prime Minister’s XIII NRL Sunday Footy Show
NRL Women’s Premiership NRLW Prime Minister’s XIII NRLW Weekly
Olympic Esports Outside the Rope: Ashes Cricket Pacific Championships: NRL
QLDER QLD Police Rugby League Memorial Day Roland Garros – French Open Tennis
Rugby Heaven Rugby World Cup Rugby World Cup: Inside Line Podcast
Sports Sunday State Cup Championship Grand Final: NRL State of Origin
Surfing Australia TV The Arena Showdown: Kyrgios v Djokovic The Ashes Test Cricket
The Best of the Footy Show 30 Years: AFL The Billy Slater Podcast The Footy Show Grand Final: My Room Telethon
The Knock-On Effect NSW Cup: NRL The Longest Feud: Chappell v Botham The Masters
The NRL Pacific Tests Under 19s State of Origin United Cup
US Open Tennis Wallabies v England Wallabies v South Africa
XXXX League Championship Grand Final Wimbledon Tennis Women’s Ashes Cricket
Women’s National Basketball League Women’s Pacific Championships: NRL Women’s State of Origin
World Aquatics Championships Swimming World Para Athletics Championships World Para Swimming Championships

Which Sports Channels are on 9Now

Channel 9 is an Australian TV network offering news, sports, dramas, and entertainment through traditional broadcast methods. 9Now, operated by Channel 9, is an online streaming platform providing video-on-demand and catch-up TV services.

In short, Channel 9 is a traditional television network, while 9Now is an online streaming platform associated with Channel 9, providing on-demand access to Channel 9’s content.

  • Channel 9: This is the primary channel of the Nine Network, offering a variety of content, including news, current affairs, sports, drama, and reality TV programs.
  • 9Gem: 9Gem features a diverse range of programming, including lifestyle shows, drama, comedy, and reality TV programs.
  • 9Go!: 9Go! provides a mix of sports, entertainment, and reality TV programs for your viewing pleasure.
  • 9Life: If you’re interested in lifestyle, drama, and reality TV programs, 9Life is the channel to explore.
  • 9Rush: This channel offers an assortment of music, entertainment, and lifestyle programs to keep you entertained.

9Now Live Sports Schedule

Date Time Fixture
November 08 1:30 PM CWC Match 40 – England VS Netherlands
November 09 1:30 PM CWC – Match 41- New Zealand VS Sri Lanka
November 10 1:30 PM CWC – Match 42 – South Africa VS Afghanistan
November 11 10:00 AM CWC – Match 43 – Australia VS Bangladesh
November 11 1:30 PM CWC – Match 44 – England VS Pakistan
November 11 5:30 PM Wolverhampton vs. Tottenham Hotspur
November 11 8:00 PM Arsenal vs. Burnley
November 11 8:00 PM Crystal Palace vs. Everton
November 11 8:00 PM Manchester United vs. Luton Town
November 11 10:30 PM Bournemouth vs. Newcastle United
November 12 1:30 PM CWC – Match 45 – India VS Netherlands
November 12 7:00 PM Aston Villa vs. Fulham
November 12 7:00 PM Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Sheffield United
November 12 7:00 PM Liverpool vs. Brentford
November 12 7:00 PM West Ham United vs. Nottingham Forest
November 12 9:30 PM Chelsea vs. Manchester City
November 15 1:30 PM CWC – 1st Semi-Final – India VS T.B.C.
November 16 1:30 PM CWC – 2nd Semi-Final – T.B.C. VS T.B.C.
November 19 1:30 PM CWC – Final – T.B.C. VS T.B.C.
November 22 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Kenya VS Rwanda
November 22 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Uganda VS Tanzania
November 22 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Zimbabwe VS Namibia
November 23 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Kenya VS Nigeria
November 23 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Zimbabwe VS Uganda
November 23 8:00 AM Fortinet Australian PGA Championship
November 23 6:30 PM Australia tour of India, 2023 – 1st T20I
November 24 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Nigeria VS Rwanda
November 24 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Zimbabwe VS Tanzania
November 24 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Namibia VS Uganda
November 25 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Kenya VS Tanzania
November 25 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Namibia VS Rwanda
November 25 5:30 PM Manchester City vs. Liverpool
November 25 8:00 PM Burnley vs. West Ham United
November 25 8:00 PM Luton Town vs. Crystal Palace
November 25 8:00 PM Newcastle United vs. Chelsea
November 25 8:00 PM Nottingham Forest vs. Brighton & Hove Albion
November 25 8:00 PM Sheffield United vs. Bournemouth
November 25 10:30 PM Brentford vs. Arsenal
November 26 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Tanzania VS Nigeria
November 26 6:30 PM Australia tour of India, 2023 – 2nd T20I
November 26 7:00 PM Tottenham Hotspur vs. Aston Villa
November 26 9:30 PM Everton vs. Manchester United
November 27 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Rwanda VS Zimbabwe
November 27 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Uganda VS Nigeria
November 27 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Namibia VS Kenya
November 28 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Nigeria VS Zimbabwe
November 28 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier – Uganda VS Kenya
November 28 6:30 PM Australia tour of India, 2023 – 3rd T20I
November 28 1:00 AM Fulham vs. Wolverhampton
November 29 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Tanzania VS Namibia
November 29 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Uganda VS Rwanda
November 30 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Rwanda VS Tanzania
November 30 12:30 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Zimbabwe VS Kenya
November 30 4:50 PM T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier- Nigeria VS Namibia
November 30 8:00 AM ISPS Handa Australian Open

How to Sign Up For 9Now

9Now, operated by the Nine Network in Australia, is a free catch-up TV and video-on-demand service. To access live TV and on-demand content, you’ll need to create an account, which can be done on the 9Now website or through the 9Now app.

To watch live sports on 9Now, follow these steps:

  • Visit the 9Now Website or open the 9Now app.
  • Sign in to your account or create a new account.
  • Click on the “Live” tab.
  • Select the sport you want to watch.
  • The live stream of the sport will start.

9Now Subscription

9Now is entirely free to use on all your devices, and you can download it for free from the Apple and Google Play app stores. Similar to traditional free-to-air television, 9Now is supported by advertising.

Furthermore, all the content available on 9Now is free to watch, and there are no in-app purchases when you download the 9Now app. All you need to do is create a free account on 9Now and enjoy streaming.

Which Devices Can I Watch 9Now on?

You can watch 9Now on a wide range of devices, including:

  • Apple TV 4
  • Apple TV 2 & 3 (Airplay only)
  • Chromecast
  • Smart TVs
  • Telstra TV
  • Roku
  • Firestick
  • Freeview Plus
  • LG TV
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Samsung TV
  • Android TV
  • PC
  • Windows devices
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quality of the live streams on 9Now?

The quality of the live streams on 9Now varies depending on your device and internet connection. However, 9Now generally offers high-quality live streams.

Can I watch the Australian Open on 9Now?

Yes, 9Now is the official broadcaster of the Australian Open.

Where is 9Now available?

9Now is an Australian free-to-air live-streaming channel. It only has broadcasting rights in Australia.

Bottom Line

9Now is a fantastic platform for sports enthusiasts, offering a wide array of sports from around the world. Whether you’re into tennis, Australian Rules Football, cricket, rugby, or any other sport, 9Now has you covered with live coverage, exclusive shows, and on-demand content.

With the convenience of accessing these sports events for free, 9Now makes it easy for fans to stay connected with their favorite teams and athletes. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free and cost-effective way to enjoy live sports, 9Now is your go-to destination. Don’t miss out on the action – sign up for 9Now and start watching your favorite sports today!


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