How Days Of Our Lives Star Carson Boatman Met His Wife Julana Dizon – TechVerdant


“Days of Our Lives” star Carson Boatman and model Julana Dizon met in a sweet but atypical fashion. While plenty of people meet their significant others on dating apps or even at work, Boatman and Dizon were lucky enough to have their very own Cupid in disguise, who was seemingly using the weight machines at their local gym. According to People, their trainer set them up for their first dinner date in 2016, “And the rest is history,” as Boatman acknowledged.

The blissfully happy couple loves sharing their home life with fans on social media. They even have a YouTube channel where Boazman and Dizon document the various trials and tribulations of married life. They also enjoy traveling, hiking, keeping fit, and as Dizon hilariously put it on Instagram, “gossiping with my father-in-law about his son.” It’s a good thing that Dizon and Boatman have so much love and support as they enter a new and exciting chapter in their lives.


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