How Big Of An Age Gap Do Taylor Lautner And Wife Tay Dome Have? – TechVerdant


The “Scream Queens” star shared the couple’s adorable engagement story in a 2022 interview with Vogue. Lautner said his future wife asked for a small, simple proposal and suggested he pop the question over a glass of wine in their kitchen. Honoring her wishes, Lautner began planning the “casual” proposal — which ended up being not so simple after all.

“With our friend and assistant’s help, I had an event arranged for her to go to so we could transform the kitchen while she was gone,” Lautner recalled. “We covered the kitchen with hundreds of roses and candles, and it was hardly recognizable. When she got home from her event, she was in for quite the surprise. Later that night, I suggested to her that we get married exactly one year from today on Friday, November 11, 2022 — and we did!”

Lautner shared more behind-the-scenes details from their special moment with Access Hollywood, describing how Tay was so emotional that it took a while for her to respond. “It actually did take her a little longer than expected to say ‘yes,’” the actor admitted. “It took a sec, but it was super sweet.”


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