Harry And Meghan Deny Rumors They Blew Off King Charles’ Birthday Celebration – TechVerdant


Another source has confirmed to the Daily Mail that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not, in fact, blow off an invite to King Charles’ 75th birthday — namely, because they didn’t get one in the first place. “They had not received any invitation and were unaware of any celebrations until the stories came out,” said the insider.

The source explained this was unusual since the Sussexes do make the invite list for “significant events” such as King Charles’ coronation in May 2023. (Harry made the trip solo, though he hurried back across the pond immediately afterward to celebrate his son Archie’s birthday.) “The story in The Times as well as subsequent stories have been positioned in a way to make it look like the Duke is snubbing his father, which he is not,” they said.

No doubt there are still lingering hurts surrounding Harry’s departure from royal life and the claims he’s made about life in the palace. But that doesn’t mean the king is totally estranged from his younger son. Non-royal parents across the generations have forgiven their children for far worse transgressions. The Sussexes’ source also told the Mail the omission of a birthday party invite is not as big a deal as some gossipers would like it to be. “I’m sure the Duke will find a way to reach out privately to wish His Majesty a happy birthday like he [has] always done,” they said.


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