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In response to “General Hospital” downplaying the horrifying shooting of Charlotte Cassadine by Anna Devane, one fan directly questioned the show on X, writing: “Did you watch the same scene I did? Charlotte stole Anna’s keys & entered Anna’s apt. with intent to steal or vandalize Anna’s property. She also put on an appearance-altering costume.” The viewer then praised the performances while also commenting on the post’s caption with, “For the record, the actors did a great job, this summary, not so much.” The fans felt Finola Hughes did a spectacular job of going from action mode to caretaker in a heartbeat, as evidenced by the response: “She shot an INTRUDER‼️ It was her ONLY choice‼️ HOWEVER, once Anna realized who it was she went into IMMEDIATE life-saving mode!”

The fans laid the blame at Valentin’s feet because he knew Charlotte had already snuck into Anna’s previous hotel room and suspected she burned down Anna’s house among other things. Yet he chose not to reveal this, fully knowing Anna was a former spy capable of using deadly force when threatened. As one viewer perfectly explained: “She was systematically stalking and terrorizing a known former intelligence agent. She willingly put herself into a bad situation.”

Immediately after the shooting, Charlotte’s friend Jake Webber (Hudson West) — who had been trick-or-treating with her — showed up, horrified that she’d been shot. This now begs the question: How did Jake know to go to Anna’s apartment?


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