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While our American pals can’t get enough of our beloved Bluey, there are a handful of episodes that have reportedly been censored by Disney because they’ve been deemed too ‘inappropriate’ for their US audience. 

While it all looks pretty normal to the Aussie audience, according to die-hard Bluey fan @world.shaker season three is the most censored season over there in the States. 

A scene from the episode ‘Perfect’ where Bandit talks about having a vasectomy was completely pulled and a scene from ‘Family Meeting’ was edited because they talk about farts. 

Now, one dad has had enough of all the changes and has gone on an epic rant about another episode being banned in his hometown. The episode he refers to is titled ‘Dad Baby’ and it discusses everything curious little minds might want to know about babies. 

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Give us Dad Baby!

TikTok user @angrygymteacher has vented his frustrations in a video that has since gone viral online. 

“I’ve just learned there’s an episode in Bluey that has been banned in the United States and I am furious about it,” the dad begins his rant. 

He then goes on to explain that the episode in question is ‘Dad Baby’. 

“It sounds adorable!” he adds. 

And right he is. Aussie viewers of the much-loved ABC animation can confirm it is indeed an “adorable” episode and harmless fun. 

The episode is from season two and tackles the topic of childbirth after Bingo and Bluey ask their dad Bandit about how babies are born. 

“It’s about pregnancy and childbirth and Blluey and Bingo get curious about it,” the angry dad explains. 

To answer his pups’ question, Bandit proceeds to put on a baby carrier and walk around with Bingo inside as though he’s pregnant before eventually giving birth to his Heeler daughter in a blow-up splash pool in the backyard. 

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Why is the Bluey episode banned in the US? 

It’s hilarious stuff and completely relatable for any parent. But sadly mums and dads in the US are missing out. 

“Tell me why is this episode deemed too controversial to feature on Disney+?” the dad asks. “Is it because it depicts a man being pregnant? Is it because at one point in the episode, they use the term ‘pregnant people’?

“Stop worrying about the snowflakes and give us Dad Baby. My kids are five years old they are old enough to go through ALICE training in school and learn what to do in the event of a mass shooting… I promise you they’re mature enough to handle Bluey’s dad pretending to be pregnant and giving birth in a kiddie pool!”

The dad ends the rant with a message to Disney+ claiming that parents would love to be able to tackle some of these life questions with their children over a simple narrative played out in one of their favourite cartoons. 

“My kids are starting to wonder about certain things and I would love to have a Bluey episode. ‘What’s that? You wanna know where babies come from? I’m glad you asked, let’s sit down and watch Dad Baby together.’ Hand it over Disney, give us Dad Baby!”

The video had the support of many Bluey fans who would love the same thing for the US audience. 

“Everybody being salty about a man having a baby and it’s literally a dad answering his children’s curiosity,” one fan commented. 

Another added: “This episode is hilarious and not once did I think about subliminal messaging around gender. It’s literally just Bandit being his usual best self.”

Even a few Aussies chimed in to explain that it’s harmless fun. 

“This is one of my boys’ favourite episodes.. and has never led to tricky questions. It does however always make them laugh hysterically! It is more focused around Bandit developing a greater understanding of what Chilli went through whilst pregnant. Throughout the episode he gains a greater appreciation of the challenges of pregnancy/childbirth.”

Surely there’s nothing wrong with that? 


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