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Before Priscilla Presley was an icon of glitz and glam she was Priscilla Beaulieu, your average girl-next-door — who, of course, just so happened to be dating international rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley. The two began dating in the early ’60s when relatively modest and understated looks were the norm. As an army brat living in Germany, Beaulieu wore her hair in an unassuming, yet gorgeous style — a short bouffant with bangs that swept over her forehead. At this time, she still had her natural brown hair color, as opposed to the dramatic black she would adopt a few years later. 

Sometimes, Beaulieu styled her cut with a trendy headscarf — as seen in the above picture from 1961, captured after Beaulieu said goodbye to Presley at the Frankfurt Airport. She hadn’t yet discovered her signature dramatic eyeliner and lashes — instead, she kept things simple with neatly groomed brows, minimal mascara, and pink blush and lips. 


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