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While Priscilla Presley dated a few men after her marriage with Elvis Presley ended, one of her more serious relationships began when she met the coveted model Michael Edwards. The two started dating in 1977, and the long-term relationship lasted until 1984. It was said to be a whirlwind romance that involved a lot of traveling, and the pair also allowed the press to photograph them quite frequently during their adventures. 

However, as was the case with other men in Priscilla’s life, it seemed that Elvis was always in the background of her relationship with Edwards — even though Elvis had died the year she and Edwards started dating. Later, Edwards penned a controversial book called “Priscilla, Elvis, and Me: In the Shadow of the King,” which was said to be partly a parody of Priscilla’s own memoir, “Elvis and Me.” Despite her marital problems with Elvis, Priscilla still tries to protect his legacy. During a 1979 interview published in Interview Magazine that included both Priscilla and Edwards, Priscilla said, when asked whether press coverage of her late ex-husband bothered her, “There’s been so much said already. It’s painful. Why can’t they let him rest?” It’s easy to see how Edwards’ book, then, might have felt like a betrayal.


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