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It’s time for the fourth race of the 2024 season and it is time to look back at 5 unforgettable moments that the Suzuka circuit has given us.

The Suzuka circuit is one of the most loved tracks by drivers. It is one of the best but also most complex tracks. It’s one of those few tracks where you can’t afford to make mistakes because even just a small mistake in a corner can cost you the entire race. It’s a circuit where it feels like you’re riding a roller coaster, with high-speed corners and very demanding technical sections.

1989 clash between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna

Each track tells a story and hides memories that are impossible to forget. The clashes, the battles, and the overtaking remain imprinted in the drivers’ memories forever. But also of the fans, who even after years remember memorable events.

The clash that occurred between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna in 1989 is perhaps the most memorable on this Suzuka track. There was a very tense climate between the two teammates, but this episode was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. During qualifying, Ayrton Senna obtained pole position, leaving a somewhat disappointed Alain Prost behind. But the truly heated moment, the one that still today no one forgets, was during the race.

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The collision occurred at a very difficult point on the circuit. Senna went on to touch Prost, a desired and sought attack at the “Casio Triangle”. The consequence of this disastrous clash was Prost’s retirement from the race and Senna’s disqualification. This was one of those manoeuvres that, even today after some time, divides the web into applause and dissent.

Michael Schumacher’s first title for Ferrari in 2000

Suzuka is also a track that tells the tales of great drivers who have marked history. There are beautiful tales that will remain in our hearts forever. This is especially true for Ferrari fans and Michael Schumacher fans. In 2000, something happened on the Suzuka circuit that marked history for the Ferrari team.

A young Schumacher dreamed of being able to obtain the driver’s title for Ferrari. A very important race for a driver like him, where concentration and determination were what only mattered that day. It wasn’t just any day, you could already feel that sense of excitement and frenzy in the air. Fans there knew that Michael would make history. And, after a very difficult race, between battles and dream overtaking, there Michael was, on the top step of the podium, glorious with a smile printed on his face, holding up his prize. His face was marked by lines, left by the pressure of the helmet and hearts forever marked for what he had done for all in Maranello.

The great comeback of the “Iceman” at Suzuka in 2005

Many stories are written in the folds of the Suzuka circuit. Suzuka is one of the historic circuits that always makes you dream and is difficult to forget. Kimi Raikkonen was one of those drivers who wrote history on this circuit. Something almost impossible. During the race, he had started seventeenth. The expectations of a victory were very low. Because who would ever be able to make a comeback like that? It just seemed impossible.

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Yet in Kimi’s vocabulary, the word impossible did not exist. And he proved it that day. In fact, from P17, he managed to win the Japanese Grand Prix by managing to complete a masterful overtake on Giancarlo Fisichella on the last lap. On October 9, 2005, Kimi gloriously crossed the finish line. The incredulous screams and applause from the team and also from the fans cannot be forgotten. That day, Kimi proved that the best victories are precisely those where you have to sweat a lot and above all where the highest podium seems just a mirage to you.

Sebastian Vettel’s last pole position of 2019 at Suzuka

Suzuka is one of those circuits where the best records are also recorded. And among these, we have that of Sebastian Vettel. On October 13, 2019, Sebastian managed to complete a spectacular qualifying lap. This was the fifth consecutive pole for Ferrari, but it is mainly remembered for being the last for Sebastian Vettel.

That day, Vettel’s lap (1:27.064) was defined as something majestic. It was a complex weekend because a tsunami warning meant that the FIA had cancelled FP3 and qualifying. After a night of doubts and unknowns, it was finally decided to hold Qualifying the morning before the race. Maybe these are the best races. The ones that don’t let you sleep, the ones full of suspense where you don’t know what will happen. Those full of unknowns, but also those full of joy. And it really is true that after the storm comes the rainbow as after the tornado, came Sebastian Vettel who gave us a dream pole lap.

Lewis Hamilton’s victory in 2014 at Suzuka

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Unfortunately, the Suzuka circuit is also associated with a heartbreaking memory. That of the death of Jules Bianchi. It is one of those moments that unfortunately will remain imprinted in our memory forever. A life was unjustly taken away due to someone’s negligence. However, the good things about that day must also be remembered. And it is right to remember Lewis Hamilton’s incredible victory that day.

His victory was achieved in the pouring rain, which made the race more difficult but also more exciting. It was his thirtieth success in F1. That day, Lewis Hamilton was defined as “Magic Hamilton”, because not everyone can impose themselves like that, in pouring rain that leaves you with no way out. Yet he, with his mastery and cunning, managed to complete another of his great masterpieces – one of many.

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