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Things have drastically changed for Mia Thornton and her lifestyle since last season. In the “RHOP” Season 8 premiere, we see she dropped from a sprawling 10,000-square-foot home to only 1,500. For someone who called themselves the “CEO,” this is a fall from grace that Mia never saw coming. Her husband was removed from his family company, and they’re living off the final shreds of savings left. Viewers now know that Mia and Gordon Thornton are separated, so how this all plays out isn’t exactly a mystery. The money dried up, and Mia is seemingly on her way to her next chapter. She references this in the Season 8 trailer, saying, “Maybe I did [marry G for his money].

There are a lot of questions left unanswered about why Gordon is no longer with the company, leading to some tension on Mia’s end. She has no idea why he was voted out, and there’s a newfound financial strain on the household. Mia says, “I gotta protect my assets and my kids,” foreshadowing the eventual split.

A positive coming out of Mia’s premiere storyline is her decision to cut hard liquor out of her life. The last time she drank it, she verbally attacked The Grand Dame, Karen Huger, straining their longtime friendship. With Mia’s family life in shambles, she needs friends to rally around her now more than ever. 


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