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Kiki Jerome (Haley Erin) was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she encountered serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. He was enthralled with her mother, Ava Jerome (Maura West), and he had a sick sense of what he thought she needed. Ava and Kiki were at odds over her relationship with Ava’s ex, Griffin Munro, and Ryan was bloodthirsty at the same time, making Kiki the perfect next victim. 

Ryan was on a rampage, but nobody was aware of what he was doing. He assumed the life of his twin, Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), making himself entirely unsuspected. It was the night of Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) and Curtis Ashford’s (Donnell Turner) wedding on the Haunted Star, and as a twisted joke, Ryan placed Kiki’s lifeless body in their bed. Before their marriage could get off to any kind of start, they were dealing with Kiki’s corpse. Unaware, Ava almost married Ryan, but she uncovered the truth before doing so. 

Kiki returning to the show could have a myriad of different effects. She has a sister now, Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen), whom she never knew existed. To complicate things even further, Willow is married to Kiki’s ex-husband, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Not only that, but Ava’s life is in total disarray, and Kiki could either come back to entirely haunt her mother, or she could be the helping hand and friendly face that Ava needs during one of her darkest times. 


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